Cafeteria and Welfare Benefit Plans

Code Section 125 cafeteria plans are an important component of a benefit package for employees. Health and welfare benefit plans are a significant expense of operating your business.  Health and welfare plan design is important to help employers manage the ever-increasing cost of benefits.  Wipfli has expertise in this area and, in addition to plan design consulting, provides discrimination testing, recordkeeping of participants’ flex accounts, and processes benefit claims.  Our goal is to provide knowledgeable guidance on plan design, superior service, and dependable support that will provide reduced costs for you and your employees.  Wipfli’s cost-efficient benefits administration lets you confidently provide an attractive and affordable benefits package to your employees.

Featured Expertise

Thomas Krieg, CPA

Thomas Krieg has over 19 years of experience consulting with employers regarding their employee benefits programs including retirement, cafeteria (Section 125), and welfare plans (including health savings accounts and the Affordable Care Act). Tom prides himself on his ability to solve complex problems with practical solutions designed around clients' needs and objectives. He is a frequent speaker on employee benefit plan matters.


Cafeteria and Welfare Benefit Plans
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