Wipfli LLP and B2-USA, Inc. announce agreement with WILMIC

September 29, 2015
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Wipfli LLP, one of the leading consulting firms in the nation, and B2-USA, a leading insurance information and technology firm specializing in configurable policy administration applications, announced today that they have finalized an agreement with Wisconsin Lawyer’s Mutual Insurance Company (WILMIC), a Madison, Wisconsin- based company that provides lawyers with professional liability insurance in the state of Wisconsin. Utilizing B2’s fully integrated policy, billing and claims modules found in their EZ*Insure™ Software Suite, B2-USA, Wipfli and WILMIC will configure and deliver enhanced customer service to WILMIC’s valuable policyholders. A source of pride for WILMIC, the insurance company seeks to constantly improve their service and the EZ*Insure™ software’s customer-centric architecture driven by a dynamic workflow backbone, will allow WILMIC to respond quickly and efficiently to regulatory changes, changing market conditions and client needs in a timely and cost effective way.
Katja Kunzke, President and Chief Executive Officer of WILMIC commented, “WILMIC has found the B2-USA/Wipfli team easy to work with, cooperative and accommodating to the needs and time constraints of our staff. Their project manager and business analysts have asked the right questions with the goal of configuring a system that will not only accommodate our current procedures, but also modify certain procedures to make them more efficient. Their knowledge of insurance processes and intent to accommodate our business needs in an efficient and cost effective way have been clearly demonstrated.”
Steve Kronsnoble, insurance practice director with Wipfli added, “We are excited to work with WILMIC and B2-USA on the implementation of EZ*Insure™ for Professional Liability. The professional liability insurance niche has historically been underserved with core system technology, so we are pleased to partner with B2 on a solution tailored for this segment.”
“Our workflow driven EZ*Insure™ software, with its fully integrated modules crossing all activities in insurance transactions, will enable WILMIC to quickly and completely respond to their policyholders. Their ability to make changes to workflows through configuration of the software using the provided tool kits, without the need to touch software code, allows them to constantly enhance their product and service capabilities. It was a pleasure to meet people as committed to customer care as we are at B2-USA, and we’re looking forward to long-term relationships with both partners,” said Vivek Sethia, CEO of B2-USA.
B2-USA and Wipfli signed a strategic agreement late in 2014 to provide enhanced delivery capabilities.
Created by Wisconsin lawyers in 1986 to protect the financial security of lawyers like themselves and the clients they serve, Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company continues to demonstrate a leading commitment to Wisconsin’s legal community. Thousands of attorneys and their firms across the state rely on WILMIC for quality professional liability insurance coverage, superior claims administration, risk management and customer service. For more information go to www.wilmic.com.
About B2-USA, Inc.
B2-USA, Inc. is a privately held company that provides its workflow driven, fully configurable software solution, EZ*Insure™ to the property and casualty insurance industry. Using the latest technologies and a unique implementation methodology, B2-USA delivers cost-effective solutions reflecting a client’s chosen business processes. EZ*Insure™ can be deployed on a SaaS model and comes pre-configured with most lines of property and casualty insurance businesses. For more information go to  www.b2-usa.com

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