Wisconsin Building Contractor Businesses Required to Register with the Wisconsin Department of Commerce

April 27, 2009
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A new four-year building contractor registration will be required beginning July 1, 2009 for Wisconsin businesses whose work is regulated under any of the Commerce codes affecting commercial buildings, places of employment, one- and two-family dwellings, and public swimming pools. The ‘Building Contractor Registration’ will be issued by the Safety and Buildings Division of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce.  
Registrations can be completed via the Internet, by mail or in person. The fee for four years is $100. Registrations completed by mail or in person have an additional $15 processing fee. There are no exams or education prerequisites for the registration.
A contracting business will need the registration to do most types of building construction work, to obtain building permits, to provide bids or contracts, or to work as a subcontractor. Individual employees of contractors will not need this registration, nor will someone who is working on property they or their employer owns or leases. Individual licenses, certifications, etc., may be needed under other state codes or municipal ordinances.
Businesses that currently hold one of nine business credentials issued by the Safety and Buildings Division of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, such as dwelling contractor certifications, elevator, or HVAC contractor registrations do not need the new registration for any reason.
There is a detailed list of the business types that will need to register. However, examples of those businesses include:
  • Building site preparation/stabilization Masonry and stone work
  • Drywall and plastering Plumbing
  • Electric Wiring Poured concrete foundations and structures
  • Finish carpentry Precast concrete
  • Fire protection Public Swimming Pools and Water Attractions
  • Flooring Roofing
  • Framing carpentry Siding
  • General building construction Structural steel
  • Glass and glazing Tile and terrazzo
  • Insulation Wall coverings
For complete details, please visit the Safety and Buildings Division web page with detailed information and the online application at http://www.commerce.state.wi.us/sb/SB-BuildingContractorProgram.html.

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