Wipfli Connect

    Wipfli Connect - CRM that works the way you do.

    A unique and powerful project management tool and so much more...

    Built on Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, Wipfli offers solutions tailored to your industry - whether that's Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, or Insurance - it's made to work the way you already do.

    Each Wipfli Connect solution derives all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and turns data into actionable information that gives you – and everyone connected with your project – a clear view to accurate, up-to-the-minute information.

    Work the way you already do!
    Wipfli Connect uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a platform while also running inside Microsoft Outlook® to build on business applications you're already familiar with. It lowers the learning curve and gives your organization a familiar platform to quickly grow your business.


    • Streamline information and communication
    • Enhance project collaboration
    • Streamline workflow and scheduling
    • Eliminate duplications and manual paper trails
    • Improve processes
    • Gain efficiencies
    • Reduce errors and risks
    • Improve profitability


    Wipfli Connect solutions consolidate and connect your separate silos of information into a centralized database to give everyone greater visibility into project performance. Information is easily accessible to all, allowing for enhanced responsiveness and accountability. The result? Better decision-making and stronger performance.


    Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    Wipfli Connect Solutions:

    Wipfli Connect for Contractors


    Wipfli Connect for Real Estate


    Wipfli Connect for Insurance


    Wipfli Connect for Manufacturing


    Wipfli Connect for Banking

    Featured Success Story

    Faith Technologies, Inc.
    Wipfli Connect for Contractors turned data into actionable information, improving communications and processes, giving an electrical contractor’s sales groups the ability to accomplish things it was never before able to do.