Valuations and the "Service": Two First-hand Cases and Insights That Can Help Improve Reports

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March 14, 2014
by Kevin Janke, CPA, ABV, ASA

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Kevin Janke Kevin Janke, CPA, ABV, ASA

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As a business valuations practice leader with nearly 25 years of experience, I have performed more than 2,000 business appraisals. In all those appraisals, I’ve dealt with the Internal Revenue Service (the “Service”) less than 10 times. Two of those times were in 2012.

What I learned from those two experiences sheds valuable light on how the Service is now reviewing minority and marketability discounts. It also creates opportunities to improve valuation reports.

This paper describes those firsthand experiences, shares key findings, and provides tips and insights for securing appropriate discounts in today’s review environment.

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Length: 11 pages (PDF 4512 kB)

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