Merger and Acquisition Market Trends - Considerations for Business Owners Contemplating Ownership Transition or Growth Through Acquisition - Recorded Webinar

Manufacturing and Distribution

May 18, 2015
by Jeff Milkie

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Jeff Milkie Jeff Milkie
Managing Director - WCF Advisors, LLC

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Is now the right time to sell? What if I am a buyer? What factors should I consider?
With an aging population, low interest rates, and a strong pool of buyers including aggressive private equity groups, many business owners are asking themselves, “Is now the right time to sell?” Conversely, younger business executives with a wide pool of financing options available are asking whether they should jump into the market and be a buyer.
Get insights to help you answer these burning questions and others as we take a close-up look at the trends in the merger and acquisition market and the various factors an owner should consider when contemplating ownership transition or growth through acquisition.
For baby boomer owners considering how to transition ownership to the next generation, management, or a third party, this session will provide insight on current trends in the merger and acquisition market. For owners desiring growth or taking some “chips” off the table and partnering with private equity, this session will provide insight on the pool of financing options.
During this webinar we will discuss:
  • A market update on purchase price multiple trends
  • Factors that impact purchase price
  • A market update on debt and leverage trends
  • Private equity groups and how are they participating in the markets today
  • Actions a company can take to increase the probability of a better outcome from a transaction
  • Timing considerations an owner needs to take into account when transitioning

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