Establishing Your Company’s Value: The Sooner, the Better - Recorded Webinar

Manufacturing and Distribution

June 24, 2014
by Karen Monfre, CPA/ABV, ASA, CFF, Paul Ouweneel, CPA, CFP, CFA

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Karen Monfre Karen Monfre, CPA/ABV, ASA, CFF
Valuation, Forensic, Litigation Support Services Leader

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Paul Ouweneel Paul Ouweneel, CPA, CFP, CFA

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A recent Pepperdine University survey reported that one in three engagements to sell companies in 2013 terminated without a deal. The main cause for approximately 20% of the terminated deals, as reported by intermediaries, was a valuation gap.
Business owners typically don’t discover the disconnect between what they believe their companies are worth and what the market realities reflect until they decide to sell. In some cases business owners will be pleasantly surprised at the market value realized. Too often, however, business owners perceive a higher value than the market will bear, resulting in a gap.
Given the high incidence of valuation gaps, owners would be wise to discover what their businesses are truly worth now and not five years from now.
The best way to drive a high exit value is to know that value as early as possible so strategic plans, budgets, and financial goals can be set to help drive to the targeted exit value by the desired exit date.
During this informative webinar, you will gain a solid understanding of:
  • The fundamental principles that drive value
  • Key attributes and risk factors buyers look for
  • Based on current market data, what is driving valuation premiums in the current market

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