How to Compete & Win With Customer Intimacy - Recorded Webinar


May 14, 2014
by Steve Kronsnoble

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Steve Kronsnoble Steve Kronsnoble
Director, Wipfli Insurance Practice

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An insurance-focused webinar about innovating the customer experience for prospects, policyholders, and producers
The insurance industry today is more competitive than ever. To succeed, companies must consistently demonstrate real competitive advantage – in other words, differentiate in ways that are meaningful to their best prospects, policyholders, and agencies.
Apple differentiates on product innovation. Walmart does it with operation efficiency. You can do it with customer intimacy.
Our 1-hour webinar will provide you with smart insights about customer intimacy – what it is, why it’s embraced by prospects, policyholders and agents, why this approach is a more effective method of connecting with and maintaining policyholders, how to leverage technology to streamline the engagement process, and more. You will walk away with the ability to improve the customer experience and the inside track on competing more powerfully in your market.
We will cover these and other important points about customer intimacy:
  • The philosophy behind customer intimacy and why this way of doing business results in lasting relationships
  • How technology can be used to streamline the process of connecting with and retaining your best customers
  • How to zero in on your prospects’ and customers’ life stage needs and connect on that level
This webinar is designed for anyone in the Insurance Industry involved with serving prospects, policyholders and producers; and those in technology who enable their business community to succeed.

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Length: 40 pages (PDF 2161 kB,WMV 13137 kB)

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