Nine Steps You Can Take to Achieve Guaranteed Revenue Cycle Improvements

Health Care

April 20, 2012
by Jeanne Chapdelaine

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Jeanne Chapdelaine Jeanne Chapdelaine

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Read about the nine steps (less than 10) you can take to achieve guaranteed revenue cycle improvements. By simply improving a few specific procedures in your revenue cycle process you will positively affect BOTH your revenue and compliance. This is what we term “revenue integrity.”
Revenue integrity relies on good revenue cycle (data capture) processes from the first patient contact with your facility to claim payment. The processes function sequentially to generate a bill for every patient service. Each step adds vital information, contributing to the total picture of the care provided and the associated costs. If any of the steps in any of the processes are not functioning properly, inaccurate or missing data can result, leading to an incorrectly paid claim (or outright denial) and higher practice costs.
If you have limited resources, you can still focus on key areas.  We have listed them in descending order of likely impact, but these efforts are interrelated.  By resolving one, you will likely make others less problematic too. 

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