Patient-Centered Medical Home: What to Expect on Your Path to Becoming One

Critical Access Hospitals

June 06, 2012

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The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) has been proposed as a model for transforming primary care and improving efficiency and effectiveness in the health care system[1]. And as more insurance payors begin to reimburse through pay-for-performance, rewarding providers that deliver on the ‘triple aim’ – high quality, low cost and patient satisfaction, becoming one of the first-to-market providers with the PCMH accreditation can bring some significant market opportunities. However, for small community and rural providers who are dealing with a chronic shortage of health professionals, work in smaller practices with fewer resources (especially for the implementation of electronic health records), and lack administrative infrastructure, there are some real, but not insurmountable challenges.
This article will present an overview of the process for becoming a PCMH. We’ll address some of the challenges you can anticipate and prepare for, an understanding of what the experience is like from a provider who has already gone through the process, and some of the ways Wipfli can provide you with expertise and assistance to tackle the challenge.

[1] Wagner, Edward, H., Colman, Katie, Reid, Robert, J., Phillips, Kathryn, Sugarman, Jonathan R., “Guiding Transformation: How Medical Practices Can Become Patient-Centered Medical Homes, The Commonwealth Fund, Feb. 2012.

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