Telemedicine Services: Understanding Billing, Documentation, and Compliance – Recorded Webinar

Health Care

February 04, 2014
by Jane Jerzak, Vicki Mueller, CPA

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Jane Jerzak Jane Jerzak

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This webinar was recorded February 4, 2014.
Health care services have traditionally been conducted face-to-face with exchange of information between provider and patient. Today, advanced technology has ushered in changes to how, when,  and where patient care can be delivered, because of the following:
  • Many patients prefer to communicate with their provider online.
  • Patient portals allow for immediate access to their medical information.
  • Providers can collaborate about patients via telemedicine, which has become a cost-effective alternative to face-to-face patient services.  
As a result, the opportunity for telemedicine services is growing rapidly—faster than reimbursement is allowing for.
Health care providers and coding professionals must understand the billing, documentation, and compliance requirements for providing and billing telemedicine services.  During this webinar, we will offer an overview of telemedicine services, focused on the “basics” for rural providers, including:
  • Benefits of Developing a Telemedicine Program
  • Remote patient monitoring for an array of conditions and programs
  • Medicare Coverage
  • Coding and Documentation
  • Billing and Reimbursement
  • Challenges
  • Strategies for Success

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