Understanding the Economics and Compliance Requirements of Hiring Specialty Physicians – Recorded Webinar

Health Care

May 31, 2012
by Jeff Bramschreiber, CPA, Jane Jerzak

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Jeff Bramschreiber Jeff Bramschreiber, CPA

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Jane Jerzak Jane Jerzak

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This webinar was recorded May 30, 2012.
Historically, many Critical Access Hospital (CAH) administrators accessed specialty physician services through contracted relationships with their upstream hospital partners. The CAH leased office space to these physicians and in return, were able to offer their patients local access to specialty services. Recently, we’ve observed a trend of CAHs wanting to employ specialty physicians with the expectation that it will improve their bottom line. What many CAH administrators fail to recognize is that the variable and fixed costs of employing specialty physicians can be significant. Moreover, specialty physicians’ compensation arrangements may not always be structured in a way that both encourages efficient, high-quality delivery of care and complies with regulatory requirements.
In this webinar, we will provide an overview of where specialty physician compensation has been and where it’s headed. Learning objectives include:
  • Trends in physician compensation and how to transition from volume- to value-driven compensation models
  • Regulatory and fair market value considerations
  • How to properly evaluate the financial implications of a prospective specialty physician arrangement

As you contemplate employing specialty physicians in your hospital, you need to understand the compliance requirements and potential impact to your bottom line. Join us for this webinar as we discuss both the value and potential risks of transitioning your physician compensation model to future market realities. 

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