Profit Improvement—It’s Not Rocket Science

Financial Institutions

May 01, 2016
by Sue Kappel

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Sue Kappel Sue Kappel
Senior Manager

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Wipfli sends your financial institution the Financial and Operational Performance Analysis quarterly to help you understand the significant factors impacting profitability and what differentiates your financial institution’s performance from others in your state.  The data is captured from your quarterly call report.  If you do not receive this quarterly analysis and are interested in receiving it, please forward your email address to myself or your Wipfli contact and we will make sure we add you to the list.
The Financial and Operational Performance Analyses allow me to review the state averages to note significant trends, and I want to make you aware of a few of those trends from the December 31, 2015, reports and offer ideas for you to review so your financial institution can increase or at least maintain your current profitability.

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