Risk Management With an Enterprise (Wide) Focus - Recorded Webinar

Financial Institutions

August 15, 2016
by Jerry Miller, CRM, CRP, CRCM, AMLS, Terry Saber

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Jerry Miller Jerry Miller, CRM, CRP, CRCM, AMLS

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Terry Saber Terry Saber

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Risk management is a constant challenge in today’s financial services industry. From credit risk and interest rate risk to compliance risk and reputation risk, a multitude of risks impact each institution. Furthermore, the risk landscape is rapidly changing (e.g., with new regulatory requirements and FinTech disruption), creating emerging strategic risks. The regulators are taking note, and the Comptroller of the Currency, for example, recently released its own enterprise risk management (ERM) risk statement.
ERM is a significant management discipline that provides the framework and tools to identify risks, integrate risk management controls, and monitor risk levels and trends in any size financial institution.
This webinar offers important concepts regarding a basic ERM framework, guidance on basic ERM management techniques, and important tips on successful ERM processes. 

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