Are You Balancing Employee Trust With Smart Internal Controls?

Financial Institutions

July 01, 2016
by Adam Baker, CFSA

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Adam Baker Adam Baker, CFSA
Manager, Internal Audit

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At home, our almost two-year-old daughter is into everything.  It seems as though each day we learn of a new way our home is not “toddler proofed.”  Luckily for us, there are child locks on cabinets and dead bolts on outside doors that prevent her from accessing the other side.  Without these controls, she would be able to enter the pantry and eat goldfish until she was sick or run outside unattended, and she would be causing herself some pain and her parents a headache.  She has to rely on a second person (mom or dad) to open the door and go out with her.  She may find these controls a little irritating now (or a lot depending on the daily mood), but she will one day realize they were there for her protection.

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