What Is Your Bank Really Worth? - Recorded Webinar

Audit and Accounting

March 09, 2011
by Kevin Janke, CPA, ABV, ASA, Brian Buchholz

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Kevin Janke Kevin Janke, CPA, ABV, ASA

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Brian Buchholz Brian Buchholz

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Bank valuations have gotten more complicated in light of recent developments in the industry. Whether a valuation is being completed for the board of directors, a buyout, goodwill impairment, gifting, or another purpose, you should have an understanding of the process, the terms, the definitions, and how various attributes affect the value of your bank.

In this webinar, you will learn why the value of your bank may not be worth what you thought and why the valuation rule of thumb you’ve always used may no longer apply.

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Length: 11 pages (PDF 138 kB,WMV 20936 kB)

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