How to Manage Your Property Tax Liability

Construction and Real Estate

February 05, 2014
by Steve Traudt

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Steve Traudt Steve Traudt
Real Estate Specialty Services Director

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Property taxes are one of the largest recurring operating expenses associated with real property ownership. In addition, owners are often unaware of how their commercial property is valued by the local assessing authority. Property tax is the only tax subject to annual reviews, revisions, and negotiations.
For these reasons, it is imperative for business owners to understand the property tax assessment process and to regularly review assessments to determine if your property is fairly assessed or subject to excessive taxation.
Proactive management of your property tax liability can greatly impact your bottom line and positively affect profitability. Join us for this informative webinar as we provide insights on the following key areas and focus on what you need to know:
  • High-level overview of valuation methods and techniques used for estimating fair market values
  • Significance of external data sources such as sales comparables and market demand and how they affect the value of your property
  • Property tax assessment trends
  • Importance of reviewing assessments during times of economic change (depreciating and appreciating markets)
  • When and why a property tax appeal may be necessary
  • Tips for navigating the assessment review and appeal process

Who should attend?

This webinar is intended for commercial property owners, business executives responsible for paying property taxes, CEOs, CFOs, and others in your organization looking to gain valuable insights into property tax liability management.

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Length: 19 pages (PDF 309 kB,WMV 10431 kB)


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