Do Smart Gadgets Equal Smart Efficiencies?

Construction and Real Estate

August 03, 2010
by Kenneth Kortas, CPA

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Kenneth Kortas Kenneth Kortas, CPA
Technology Consulting Services Leader

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The use of mobile devices such as PDAs and smartphones has unquestionably revolutionized the way real estate professionals conduct business. Handheld devices save countless hours of work by providing in-the-field access to all the same types of information that before could only be accessed back at the main office.
While technology has indeed transformed the real estate industry, and mostly for the better; organizational connectivity is the critical factor that’s still missing in many real estate companies to ensure maximum productivity.
To remain competitive, today’s real estate organizations must ensure that information is shared more effectively. The critical step for many is taking individual communications and connecting that information across the organization to more effectively leverage resources, reduce redundancies, and relate the information to the people, projects, and properties that are impacted.

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