Collaboration and Decisions Systems - What Every Contractor Needs to Know: Leveraging Technology to Make Your Job Easier - Recorded Webinar

Construction and Real Estate

March 12, 2014
by Kenneth Kortas, CPA, Matt Gelb

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Kenneth Kortas Kenneth Kortas, CPA
Technology Consulting Services Leader

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Matt Gelb Matt Gelb

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Mountains of spreadsheets and e-mail, but still can’t find what you need to win projects and manage them effectively?
You love some technology, but other technologies just seem to make things worse.  You want it simple, to help win more jobs so you can make more money.  You’re skeptical of new software since you don’t seem to use the software you already have.  You know how to use Outlook, your smartphone, and Excel.  You’re connected all the time, but you can’t seem to find what you need or get others to help you.  If you could simply reduce the clutter and have everyone in the company on the same page so you could repeat your success, that would be great!  We’ve got some ideas that have been proven to work with other contractors, using the stuff you already know.  Let us show you.

During this informative webinar we will provide insights into leveraging technology (including tools that many companies already have in place such as Outlook, Excel, and tablets/smartphones) to help you become more collaborative, efficient, customer-centric, and profitable.
Who should attend?
This seminar is intended for people in leadership roles at contractors and specialty contractors, particularly those responsible for company growth, selling projects, and managing projects to successful and profitable completion. 

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Length: 27 pages (PDF 1229 kB,WMV 16723 kB)


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