Health Care Reform: Preparing for the Affordable Care Act - Recorded Webinar

Construction and Real Estate

May 06, 2014
by Thomas Krieg, CPA

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Thomas Krieg Thomas Krieg, CPA

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Be prepared for the Affordable Care Act—it will affect every employer.
Every employer will be affected by health care reform with its impact on providing health insurance to employees.  Understanding all the various provisions and knowing which ones affect an organization can be overwhelming.  Employers should be planning NOW, early in 2014, for managing the significant financial and operational implications of this law—they cannot wait until July 1, 2014.  It is a daunting task to understand the myriad of fees, taxes, health insurance plan design issues, and reporting requirements that will be applicable to each employer organization.
Learning objectives in this webinar include:
  • A summary of the provisions that are affecting employer’s health plans, including significant new taxes, penalties, and reporting requirements.
  • Determination of “applicable large employer” status and whether the “play or pay” rules apply and what that means in terms of full-time status of employees and who should be offered health insurance.
  • Learning about the state insurance “marketplaces” and how they affect employer health insurance coverage.
  • Options for offering health insurance coverage and related cost analysis and reviewing nonfinancial implications of changes.
  • How multiemployer union plans work into the equation.
  • What we are seeing employers considering for the future.
This webinar is intended for people in leadership roles, particularly Presidents/CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Human Resource Managers, and Board Members.

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Length: 49 pages (PDF 679 kB,WMV 13137 kB)


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