It Is NOT Too Late to Take Advantage of Accelerated Depreciation and Energy Deductions From the Past, Present, and Future

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October 10, 2013
by Craig Tobin

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Craig Tobin Craig Tobin
Director, Cost Segregation

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Many developers, retailers, and manufacturers have purchased an existing property, constructed a new building, built out leasehold improvements, or renovated a building over the last 10 years. Because of the downturn in the economy since 2008, developers, retailers, and manufacturers, like most business taxpayers, had no need to accelerate their depreciation. However, as we come out of 2013, a lot of taxpayers are finding they need more depreciation to offset last year’s profits. Cost segregation studies can help a company manage its annual tax burden through the proper classification of assets. Properly done, a study can result in additional accelerated depreciation deductions for tax advantages and improved cash flow. This informative webinar will provide you with a better understanding of the value of cost segregation and energy efficiency studies for your commercial or manufacturing facility. In addition, you’ll learn how easy it is to go back in time to do a catch-up cost segregation or energy efficiency study and capture all of the accelerated depreciation in the 2013 tax year.

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