Removing the Cloud From Cloud Computing - Recorded Webinar

Construction and Real Estate

November 17, 2011
by Kenneth Kortas, CPA

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Kenneth Kortas Kenneth Kortas, CPA
Technology Consulting Services Leader

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Chances are good that you have seen or heard about “the cloud” or “cloud computing.” It is everywhere. Pick up any business publication or visit almost any IT website or blog, and you’ll be sure to see talk about cloud computing. And while cloud computing is definitely all the rage, it is no passing fad.
Yet what exactly is cloud computing, and what does this mean from a business owner’s perspective?  Beyond the technical talk, this Web presentation focuses on:
  • The basics of cloud computing
  • Why this topic is important for real estate and contractor organizations
  • The benefits and challenges of cloud computing
  • How the cost of cloud computing compares with the traditional approach for buying hardware and software
  • The security implications that you should be aware of
This webinar is intended for construction and real estate organization owners, CEO’s, IT leaders, executives, and others in your organization looking to gain valuable business insights into cloud computing.

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Length: 35 pages (PDF 657 kB,WMV 11385 kB)


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