Uniform Guidance Checkup

The hands-on regulations help you’ve been looking for

The hands-on regulations help you’ve been looking for

Now that you have been to training on the Uniform Guidance, have you implemented any changes at your agency? Do you understand the impact on your agency’s:

  • Cost allocation plan?
  • Procurement methods?
  • Documentation of personnel services?
  • Fiscal policies and procedures?

The changes necessary to comply with the Uniform Guidance can be daunting for you and your team to accomplish. In fact, we hear from many of our clients after our training that they need hands-on help with understanding their unique situations regarding cost allocation, procurement, documentation of personnel services, fiscal policies and procedures, and more. But don’t worry—we can help!

The Uniform Guidance Checkup is a one-day, on-site engagement where you make the rules. Tell us what you want to focus on in regard to implementation of the Uniform Guidance, and we will spend our time discussing specific methods with which you can take immediate action. The outcome of this visit will provide a roadmap to ongoing fiscal compliance for your agency.

Are you ready to get started? E-mail us at gfpbd@wipfli.com, or call Brian Gaumont at 608.270.2952 to request a quote.

Featured Expertise

Janet Johnson, CPA, CMA

Janet is a senior manager in Wipfli’s Nonprofit and Government Practice Group and uses her background in auditing and process analysis to provide training on federal regulations that is focused on operational results. She also provides consulting services to help nonprofit organizations and governmental entities develop organization-specific fiscal policies and procedures that incorporate effective internal controls. In addition, Janet assists nonprofits with the development of cost allocation plans that meet their needs as well as those of the funders.


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Uniform Guidance Checkup

The Uniform Guidance Checkup can help your organization be in compliance. Find out how it worked for Geminus.

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