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How important is quick, efficient, and convenient communication for your organization? It’s a pretty silly question, isn’t it? This type of communication may be one of the most critical elements for the continued success of your organization.  It is even more important for diverse organizations that have:
  • Multiple programs
  • Multiple sites and locations for services
  • Hundreds of employees
  • Staff who work in several locations
  • Governing boards with busy schedules
  • Technology, specifically network servers, that requires frequent maintenance and upgrades

We understand. That is why Wipfli has developed a solution:  Cloud Connect. 
What is Cloud Connect? 
Cloud Connect is a collection of solutions built for nonprofits that need EASY, CONVENIENT, and AFFORDABLE ways to communicate, both internally and externally. Think of it as an intranet—one that is built for specifically for nonprofits—that utilizes cloud technology to provide remote access anywhere you have an Internet connection. Cloud Connect utilizes Microsoft® Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint, which have been fully customized to meet your unique needs. You see, this is not a tool just for executive directors, board members, or program staff . . . it is a tool for all of these individuals and everyone else in your organization!
Starting to grasp all Cloud Connect can do for your organization? Well, if your organization needs or wants to do any of the following, you need to ask more about Cloud Connect:
  • Connect your employees, no matter where they are! Share calendars, contacts, tasks, and documents.
  • Manage content, schedules, and core functions of your program staff, administrative staff, leadership, and governing board.
  • Store all your files on the cloud. Get user-level and functional role security to let individuals see what they need to and not what they don't.
  • Utilize Microsoft Exchange, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with ease.
  • Host remote trainings or full training webinars or instantly chat with coworkers.
Ready to improve productivity and reduce costs?
If you want to see the value of the cloud, you are ready for a CloudReady Assessment.  This assessment will provide you an understanding of the necessary components to migrating to the cloud.
Your CloudReady Assessment report will include:
  • Technical prerequisites to migrating to the cloud
  • Key steps for migrating from your current computers and IT systems
  • Detailed quote to migrate your organization to the cloud, including:
    • Moving your email to Microsoft Office 365
    • Establishing portals
    • Helping to setup your network, server, computers and mobile devices.
    • Further information and material to help your organization make the most of this report
Featured Expertise

Ryan Peasley

Ryan assists clients in understanding, planning for, and migrating to cloud-based solutions. With over 12 years of experience, he has become an expert in helping his clients decide whether a hosted solution may be the right choice for them. 


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