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The financial institution industry has experienced a transformative shift, placing more importance on board governance than ever before. Many boards of directors of financial service institutions have recognized that the expectations of regulators, investors, and other stakeholders have increased significantly. Simultaneously, the environment that financial institutions operate in has become more challenging on several fronts including a narrowing net interest margin, expanding regulations, a dynamic competitive landscape, rapidly developing technologies, and changing customer demographics. To achieve successful governance, financial institutions must ensure that board members are engaged and qualified and that committees are adequately structured. Boards must be well educated and informed in order to make good decisions, and they need to be focused on the big picture, not mired down in operational details.

Some key questions to consider:
  • Does your board have the leadership it needs to function effectively?
  • Do your current board members have the skills, experience, and knowledge needed to contribute to governance for safety and soundness while assisting management in establishing effective strategies for profitable growth?
  • Do you have the necessary board governance structure to maximize profitability and return on investment while maximizing the organization’s safety and soundness?
Wipfli is nationally known for our board governance consulting services and industry-recognized governance tools. We assist you to ensure that you have the right board culture and dynamics, policies, practices, and people in place to help board members focus their energy, refine their understanding, and rededicate their expertise and talents for better, stronger governance.
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Terry Saber

Terry Saber has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of strategic planning, human capital, executive compensation, and executive coaching with financial institutions, state financial institution associations, and nonprofit organizations.

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